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Values-Based Decision Making (Self Leader) (VBDM-SL)

The Values-Based Decision Making | Self Leader track is designed for those leaders looking to define personal core values and develop critical decision making skills to make consistent ethical choices. Participants will learn to define personal core values, apply personal and corporate values on a daily basis, as well as assess and provide feedback on values alignment in the organization. This eLearning experience will teach attendees how to utilize their corporate and personal core values along with other ethical filters as a reference for critical daily decisions using a six-step decision making process.

Over approximately 5-6 hours of learning, you will develop skills to critically think through ethical solutions to daily business and personal challenges utilizing personal and corporate values along with other decision filters.

WARNING: Your responses to exercises, surveys and questions are not saved once you leave the module. If you wish to retain your answers or reports, please use the available print button on each exercise to save the responses as a PDF.
  • Welcome from Brock Brown, Owner Integrity Consulting Services and course author
  • Module 1-Course Launch
  • Module 2-Objectives, Why Ethics & Learning Journey
  • Module 3-Foundations of Ethical Values-Based Decision Making
  • 2 Question Survey
  • Module 4-Structuring Core Values & Rationalizing Misalignment
  • Module 5-The Six-Step Process to Ethical Decision Making & Using Ethical Filters
  • Module 6-Final Exercise, Action Plan & Summary
  • VBDM Course Feedback (SL)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever